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  • Wall Street Journal, Monday, June 5, 2000
    "Farm Community Gets Creative to Survive
    Bruning, Neb., saves itself by making environmentally friendly oil
    The soybean oil addresses a particularly vexing environmental problem. With an estimated three million gallons of petroleum-based oil now used each year to lubricate irrigation-well shafts in arid states such as Nebraska, Texas and California, environmentalists have long expressed concern over the oil seeping into the groundwater supply, causing untold contamination.

    Since soybean oil is derived from an edible plant, scientists view it as a far safer replacement. Legislation is being considered in Nebraska which would outlaw the use of petroleum oil in irrigation lubrication, while the U.S. department of Agriculture has launched a pilot study to see if federal government vehicles can be switched to alternative fuels based on soybeans as well as seed oils or animal fat.

  • Water Well Journal,  April 2000
    "Soy Bio Drip Oil is Kind to Environment"
    Through a California irrigation season 71,000-plus turbine lineshafts are each lubricated by 7 to 10 gallons of petroleum-based oil. This oil entering at the top of the pump adds up to 497,000 to 710,000 gallons of nonrecoverable petroleum-based oil per season. After 10 years of irrigating, 4,970,000 to 7,100,000 gallons of petroleum-based oil enter the wells.

    Growing environmental awareness and predictions by industry experts regarding change in regulations pertaining to ground water have spurred interest in vegetable oil-based lubricants. Vegetable oils are plentiful in supply, offer excellent lubricating properties, and have an inherently high-viscosity index.

    Mechanically expelled soy oil does not require solvent or chemicals in the processing; no waste stream is generated. Soy Bio-Drip is an expelled soy oil lubricate that has performed as well as, if not better than, petroleum based and hexane-extracted oils in university tests. As an added benefit, natural antioxidants prevent Soy Bio-Drip from going rancid, a concern for microbial growth.

    Using Soy Bio-Drip Oil, a readily biodegradable, all-natural, nontoxic lubricant is one way to address environmental concern.

  • California Farmer,  Mid March 2000
    "Bio-Oil Offers Advantages"
    California farmers may not care much about promoting uses for soybean-based products, but they operate irrigation pumps and are concerned about protecting groundwater. Bingo! Consider the advantages of Soy Bio-Drip irrigation oil.

If it's not green, It's not Soy Bio-Drip

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