Reasons To Use Soy Bio-Drip

Here are just a couple of reasons why Soy Bio-Drip is a better product for you:

It's All Natural
Soybean oil is an all natural product. It is not a chemical, pollutant, toxin or poison. It does not harm, destroy nor degrade the quality of your soil or groundwater the way petroleum based oils do.

It's Biodegradable
Because Soy Bio-Drip is biodegradable, it won't bind and restrict your land's essential minerals and nutrients the way synthetic chemicals can. These freed minerals can then become more available to your crops, enhancing their overall productivity.

Also, Soy Bio-Drip does not persist in the environment for very long, unlike petroleum based oils. Petroleum based oils can and often does persist in the environment for up to three years, releasing toxins and poisons the entire time.

It Protects Metal as Well or Better than Petroleum Based Lubricants
Soy oil contains plant substances called antioxidants which help minimize oxidation, the breakdown, wear and tear of your irrigation pump. By using Soy Bio-Drip as you lubrication oil, you are protecting your investment even better than using petroleum based oils.

Its Chemistry Increases Overall Crop Productivity
It's a fact of life: even the best maintained irrigation pumps leak oil... and when petroleum based oil seeps into the land over time, unhealthy crops are the ultimate result.

Unlike petroleum based oils, Soy Bio-Drip does not contain any toxins or pollutants at all. In fact, soy oil is known to encourage soil health when present in even small amounts of irrigation water. That's because soy oil contains natural antimicrobial properties which keep wells and pumps cleaner by illiminating certain microbes. This cleaner, healthier water strengthens the soil which aids in high crop productivity.

It Contains Phoshorous and Other Minerals
Farmers know that phosphorous is essential for healthy crop production. That's because phosphorous is essential for plant cell division and photosynthesis.

Reaseach shows that, using Soy Bio-Drip in irrigation pumps, increases levels of phosphorous in irrigation water, thus enhancing crop productivity.


If it's not green, It's not Soy Bio-Drip

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