Soy Bio-Drip

Soy Bio-Drip is a natural lubricating oil to be used instead of petroleum based oil when irrigating with vertical shaft pumps. Soy Bio-Drip is an expelled oil, which means no harsh chemicals, like hexane, are used in its production. It protects metal better than petroleum based oils and actually helps enhance the quality of groundwater used for irrigation and drinking.

Testing of soybean drip oil for irrigation wells has been underway since 1992 when IPAC initiated their investigation of soy based lubricants versus petroleum based lubricants. Studies show that expelled soy oil is remarkably stable due to it's natural antioxidants and low levels of peroxides. Also because it contains antioxidants, it protects irrigation pumps from wear and tear better than petroleum based oils.

Soy Bio-Drip is a product that has the ability to increase the demand for soybeans from 1.68 to 2.36 million bushels annually in the United States. Soybean farmers love that! And since soybeans are among the United States' largest export commodity, this makes American soybeans even more valuable.



If it's not green, It's not Soy Bio-Drip

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